What is Internet Poker Propping?
Simply put, a prop is a player that's paid by the poker room to help start new tables and help shorthanded games stay alive. Prop players play with their own money and win and lose just like a normal player. They then get paid at the end of the week for the amount that they played. This payment is usually in the form of a high percentage of rake back, usually 100% or more.

Online poker rooms use prop players to help start new tables and build shorthanded games so that when customers log on the site to play, they have games to jump into. Most casual customers don't like playing heads up or shorthanded; so the poker room pays prop players to do so and get the games up and running for the customers.

Where can I Prop?
Big sites like Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars don't need or use props because they are already big enough. They simply don't need them. The sites that you're going to find that use prop players are smaller or medium traffic sites that need game builders, aka- props. We can't list the names of the sites we work with publicly, because they don't want that info to be displayed publicly. You will be sent that info once you request information.

How much money can I make Online Propping?
Some sites pay you in the form of rakeback, usually around 100-120%, and some sites pay on a per hand basis or hourly rate. Exact details of which site pays what amount will be sent to you once you have completed the signup process. The Prop rakeback calculator below will help you figure out how much you can make based on preferred limits and volume of play.

How do I get started?
Simply review our current prop offers below and then choose a site and enter your email.   Details about the particular prop program will be emailed to you immediately along with signup instructions.  It's that easy.

Rakeback Calculator Rakeback Calculator

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Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Poker Propping

What is Rake?
The way that poker sites make money is by taking what is called rake. For each "$X" amount of money in each pot/hand, they take a % of that pot. For example: If there's $40 in a pot for a hand, they might take $2 out of that pot.

What is Rakeback?
Rakeback is simply paying you back the rake that you "paid" the poker site from each pot. Here's an example of 100% rake back for 1 hand/pot: Let's say that there are 6 players dealt into this hand. The pot builds up and the poker site takes $3 in rake for this hand. 100% rakeback would be defined in this particular hand as $3(rake) divided by 6(# of players) which would equal $0.50

How do I receive my Prop Pay?
Each of the sites that we work with pays you directly into your poker account.

How do I track my Prop Pay?
Each week on payday, we send you a prop pay report for your records.

Do I get paid for playing tournaments?
No. Propping is for cash games only.

Am I eligible for deposit bonuses and promotions?
Generally, you will not be eligible for deposit bonuses at these sites, but you are eligible for all other promotions, and we run separate promotions for our props as well. Specific details of what you are/are not eligible for on each site will be given once you request information on any particular prop site.

Am I committed to Prop for a length of time?
Absolutely not. If you don't like it, you are free to stop at anytime.

Do you tell me which site I signup to Prop for?
We do not. Once you request infromation we send you a list of available sites to prop at and you choose which one, or which one's, you want to sign-up for. You can sign-up at as many of them as you like.

Do you tell me which tables and limits to play?
Some prop deals are only for specific tables and games, others are open to all cash games, it depends on the site. At times we may request that you help at a certain table, but we will never ask you to play a game or limit that you're not comfortable with.

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